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Launched to Staff: February 26th, 2019
Launched to Public: March 13th, 2019

Theoretical Digest #1: June 10th, 2019

"Open For Business"

This past weekend has brought many new changes to Theoretical City, breathing new life into the near-ghost town... city. The district of Levin, located north of Downtown, has opened to the public and a couple citizens have begun building their businesses. An impressive amount of terraforming has been done to both the Levin area and Downtown. Speaking of Downtown, public pools have opened where the farm used to be located. Yes, you can float up to the heavens by the blissful bubbles of the soul sand floored water or possibly drown to death in the magma pool, it's up to you. Another new addition to the Downtown area is the courthouse, built by Swingin30 (who also helped with terraforming). We can finally have Judge Polygon rule with an iron golem fist again. Finally, Town Hall is having offices built for the secretaries of the government. The Mayor's office will come at a later time.

"Courthouse" 105 Main Street, Downtown

"Auroratek & Lion's Quality Stone" Main Street, Levin